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Will Ultraclens work on my teeth? 

Does the Kit whiten crooked teeth?.

Yes, The Ultra Clens Teeth Whitening Kit whitens crooked teeth. To achieve the best results, apply the gel evenly on hard to reach places before starting each treatment.

Will Ultraclens make my teeth sensitive?

Not at all! The Ultra Clens includes many soothing and repairing ingredients that makes your teeth stronger and brighter.

How long do Ultraclens results last?  

After your first weeks treatment results can last between 3-4 weeks. For longer lasting results, try to limit your intake of any dark foods or drinks that stain teeth. (coffee, tea, wine, etc.)

How do I use the Ultraclens Kit?

  1. Dry Your Teeth and Rinse your mouth piece before use.
  2. Look into the mirror to record teeth shade level with the shade guide paper.
  3. Twist the whitening pen until the gel flows out (10-15 Times)
  4. Apply the whitening serum using the brush tip applicator on both upper and lower teeth.
  5. Put mouthpiece onto your mouth and bite it, then press the power button for 1.5 sec to start the treatment.
  6. The Led light will turn off automatically after 16 minutes.
  7. Rinse the mouth with normal water and compare your teeth with the shade guide paper to check the progress. 
  8. Do not eat & drink anything except the water 30 min after the treatment.

Can I use the Kit with braces?    

For the best results we recommend waiting until your braces are removed.    

How do I use the serum applicator?

Simply take off the cap and start to twist the bottom of the pen. After several twists you will start to see the brush get covered in the serum, that can be then spread on teeth.

What's the serum taste like?

We made sure to have a serum that our customers liked. We added hints of mint extract, to make the teeth whitening process more enjoyable.

What're the different types of LED Therapy?

Red Light Therapy: Helps with blood circulation and teeth regeneration, targeting the cells responsible for energy production

Blue Light Therapy: Helps speed up the process of the whitening gel as well as reduce germs that cause oral disease

Does this work on coffee stains?

Yes absolutely, Our teeth whitening formula is made to fight heavy stains caused by the regular drinking of coffee, tea, and wine, etc